Apple Tablet Behind 10.1-inch Display Shortage

The supply of 10.1-inch LCD and OLED multi-touch displays has dried up, and the latest batch of rumors claim Apple is to blame. Word that Apple has been buying up all of the displays, despite the fact that it isn't currently shipping a device that uses them, began circulating on the CES 2010 show floor, according to TG Daily.

"We were designing a product for a customer and we needed 10-inch screens, but we've been trying for months and can't get one from any of the Asian suppliers," an anonymous designer said during the expo. "We were told that Apple pre-ordered them all. All 10-inch LCDs, and all 10-inch OLEDs, too."

The rumor adds more support to the idea that Apple is prepping to launch a multi-touch tablet device soon, and it could indicate that the Cupertino-based company expects the new device to sell very well.

Since the company allegedly snatched up all of the LCD and OLED displays, it may be planning on releasing two versions of its tablet; one with a traditional LCD display, and another with a higher cost OLED display. OLED displays offer sharp images and don't require backlighting like LED displays.

Adding more fuel to the Apple tablet rumor fire, The Mac Observer obtained a photo on Monday that is allegedly the glass surface for the as of yet unreleased device. The dimensions of the glass piece measure about 10-inches, according to TMO's source, and it bears a striking resemblance to the iPhone and iPod touch form factor.

As with all rumors, reports that Apple bought up the market's 10-inch display supply should be taken with a grain of salt. Until Apple officially announces a tablet device, all reports about its existence amount to rumors.