Apple Tablet Goes With PA Semi Chip, Verizon iPhone With Qualcomm

Apple’s all-but-officially-announced tablet device will use a processor designed by PA Semi, the company Apple purchased two years ago, rather than Intel’s Atom chip, which is used in many of today’s netbooks. Meanwhile, Qualcomm is expected to be the chip supplier for the version of the iPhone expected to be released for Verizon’s network this summer.

Both of those scoops come courtesy of TheStreet’s Scott Moritz and Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar, who relied on his contacts within the supply chains for those products. As expected, Apple, Qualcomm, and Intel representatives had no comment on the matter.

“If you believe that the closely-watched Apple Tablet will reshape the mobile computing landscape, then the snub deals Intel a significant defeat,” Mr. Moritz wrote. “Intel had a lock on the netbook market with its Atom processors and it was widely assumed that the chip giant would win the Tablet contract at all costs.”

Regarding the iPhone win, Mr. Kumar commented "It's looking like Qualcomm is beginning to be the one to beat," referring to the fact that Google has confirmed that Qualcomm was also chosen for its Nexus One smartphone.