Apple Takes Samsung Patent Battle to South Korea

Apple filed a new patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung on June 22, but this time the court is in South Korea instead of the United States. The public documents related to the case don’t offer up any details, although word has leaked out that Apple is accusing Samsung of copying the iPhone 3G design with the Galaxy S smartphone, according to Bloomberg.

Apple files patent suit against Samsung in South KoreaApple takes its patent fight with Samsung on the road

Apple filed a U.S. lawsuit in April alleging Samsung was copying the iPhone design, and Samsung responded by filing patent infringement suits against Apple in Japan, Germany and South Korea.

Samsung later filed a similar case in the U.S. Apple followed up by broadening its claims against Samsung, and was granted access to several of the company’s products as part of its legal strategy.

When asked to comment, an Apple spokesperson reiterated the company’s stance that Samsung is blatantly copying its designs. A Samsung representative commented “We will continue to actively defend and protect our intellectual property.”