Apple Targets Windows 7 in Web Ad

Apple is targeting Windows users that are considering upgrading to Windows 7 in an online animated advertisement. The ad is appearing on Web sites such as CNN and features John Hodgman as PC and Justin Long as Mac.

The ad suggests PC users should consider buying a Mac since they'll probably have to buy a new computer just to run Windows 7. In this ad, PC uses hidden cameras to monitor Windows users that are switching to the Mac and then attempts to stop at least one potential Apple customer.

Apple Web ad targets Windows 7 upgraders.

Apple has targeted PC users interested in other ads, too.

Google searches for Windows 7 often return ads from Apple that claim "There's never been a better time to switch to a Mac," and the company also released several commercials in its Get a Mac series suggesting Windows users should consider a Mac before upgrading to Windows 7.

Microsoft's commercial stumble with Windows Vista left many potential customers wary of upgrading to Windows 7. Apple has been playing on those concerns with its marketing campaign, and will likely continue targeting Windows 7 users as potential switchers with more ads.