Apple Television Production Apparently Slated for Early 2012

More rumors about the mythical Apple television are surfacing, this time with claims that parts suppliers are prepping to deliver components to Apple some time in the first quarter of 2012. Unnamed industry sources claim the component deliveries will come early enough to let Apple ship its own TV sets in the second or third quarters of the year, according to DigiTimes.

The same sources reiterated that the parts are for televisions and not updated Apple TV set top boxes. They also claimed Apple will be building a 32-inch and 37-inch version of its TV — sizes that seem small compared to current TV buyer interests.

More Apple Television rumorsMore Apple Television rumors

This new rumor falls in line with previous rumors claiming an Apple-branded television is on the way, although the timing doesn’t fit with a recent report where media executives said that the company’s TV plans are still in the early stages.

Other than finding new growth opportunities, there haven’t been any compelling arguments to support why making actual televisions is a good idea for Apple since the company already makes the Apple TV, although TMO’s John Martellaro at least offers some ideas as to what features Apple would likely include.

Despite the lack of strong support for an Apple-branded TV, word is out that Samsung already began chip production in November for Apple.

Apple doesn’t comment on rumors, so there’s no official word from Cupertino as to whether or not we’ll have its own televisions in our living rooms any time soon. For now, this latest DigiTimes report should be taken with a grain of salt and treated as little more than just another rumor.