Apple “Think Different” Ad Creator Stepping Down

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TBWA/Media Arts Lab Chief Creative Officer Lee Clow is handing over the keys and stepping down from his creative lead position handling Apple's ad campaign, according to Advertising Age.

Mr. Clow's 40 year career has been highlighted by his work on Apple campaigns, including the famous "1984" commercial for the original Macintosh. He has also been involved in the silhouette iPod commercials as well as the Mac versus PC commercials.

Mr. Clow's decision to step down is seen as just a move on the way to retirement. The current creative director for the Apple campaign, Duncan Miller, will be taking over the creative lead position.

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Jeff Gamet

Lee Clow has been instrumental in shaping Apple’s public image through advertising for decades. It will be interesting to see how those ad campaigns change with some one new at the helm.


Think different originally meant: (1) Intel not inside and (2) Microsoft not inside.  Ioday, Intel is inside (100%) and Microsoft ~half inside.  Oh well…


... because Apple stopped thinking different - and is just another ugly corporation that tries to tell it’s customers whats in their best interest. No please - we don’t need background apps, we love this app store limbo, it’s no problem that you are blocking innovation on the iPhone because you are restricting core frameworks (like syncservices) for your own use. We’d even love to have a appstore for our macs - please protect us from developers that haven’t been aproved by Apple - we can’t protect ourselves and we can’t decide whats good for us!
Oh - and please continue locking us in certain carriers - we don’t need free choice of our mobile network. Even if there are some free thinkers (we don’t like them - non-conformers!) buying there legally unlocked iPhone abroad, we don’t want to allow them using tethering (even if their network allows it). Noone should be allowed to do anything at all without Apples approval.
Thank you! grin



Please stop using insightful sarcasm to “troll” through these forums :D


Huh? What?


Josh: Then, don’t buy Apple products. grin
Here is the importance of truly researching a product before you buy it. Don’t like its limitations or even the company that makes it? I’m sure other companies would appreciate your business. I’m in no way saying I agree with everything Apple does but, just a thought; since you shared yours.

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