Apple to Appeal $1.2M Italian Warranty Fine

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Apple plans to appeal a US$1.2 million fine imposed by Italy’s Autoritá Garante della Concerrenza e del Mercato over claims it misleads customers with information about product warranties. Earlier this week, the Italian agency hit Apple with the fine saying it mislead customers by failing to tell them electronic devices in the EU include a two-year warranty and instead pushed its own AppleCare extended warranty.

Apple to Italy: We don't want your fineApple to Italy: We don’t want your fine

Apple confirmed with The Register its plans to appeal the ruling claiming it is already complying with Italy’s laws.

The AGCM, however, doesn’t agree. The agency accused Apple of leading customers to believe that the one-year warranty it offers in other parts of the world applied in Italy, too, and urged customers to buy AppleCare protection, adding an extra year or two coverage, depending on the device.

The agency also ordered Apple to display parts of the ruling on its website, and to clarify the wording in the AppleCare documentation within 90 days.

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It was definitely a good news that antitrust authorities in Italy fined Apple for not telling consumers about two-year warranty.
Two-year warranty is mandatory in all EU countries (as stated by directive 1999/44/CE) and all suppliers should apply it, thereof appeal should be rejected.


Author misspelled “concerrenza” instead of “concorrenza” in the article.


...furthermore, it should be “autorit?”, an italian keyboard doesn’t even have that “?” character.


Bravo,  Autorit? Garante della Concerrenza e del Mercato!

Shame on you, Apple!

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