Apple to Bring Siri to New iPad in iOS 6

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SAN FRANCISCO - Apple announced on Monday that Siri, the company’s digital personal assistant technology, will be coming to the new iPad. The feature will be included as part of iOS 6, which was also announced on Monday during Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference.

Siri on iPad

Siri on iPad - Coming in iOS 6

Siri was originally released as a beta service for the iPhone 4S in October of 2011. It was not, however, included on the new iPad, which was released in March of 2012. The new iPad could take voice dictation, but was not otherwise tied into Apple’s voice-controlled Siri.

Siri itself is being updated in the new OS, and Apple showed off a number of enhancements and improvements during the keynote.

As of this writing, Apple hasn’t announced a release date for iOS 6, and The Mac Observer will update this article when we know more.

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But no Siri for the iPad2 that they are selling right now?

I’ve been wanting to try Siri since it came out last year. Still can’t. Likely will be next year before I can even take a look.

Very disappointing, especially with all the cool new fetures.


So, IOS 6 for iPad 2, but no Siri-Lite? SUX… WILL NOT squander $700 to just get Siri… NOT gonna happen..


Chances are siri will be for iPad2 as well, under iOS6. Clearly it’s possible, people have it running via proxy now on iPad2s using iOS5.


Working my way thru all the docs, it doesn’t look like it .... Got to wait until Jan… What a bummer…

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