Apple to Host iPhone 4 Press Conference Friday

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Apple has begun inviting members of the press to a special press conference on Friday, July 16, related to the iPhone 4, according to The Loop. The company isn’t saying what it will discuss at the event, but it seems likely the company will be discussing the antenna and signal streng loss issues that have been the focus of consumer complaints as well as a recent Consumer Reports study.

The Cupertino-based company has been battling bad press over problems some customers have been reporting related to iPhone 4 signal strength loss when holding the combination iPod and smartphone so the lower left corner is covered.

Apple has suggested users try holding the phone so their hand isn’t touching the edge of the device where the external antennas meet. It also admitted that a software-related issue is causing the phone to display artificially high signal strength bars and that a fix will be available in the next few weeks.

The Mac Observer will be covering Apple’s press event announcements on Friday.

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I’ve now had my iPhone 4 for a little over a week or so. There’s no doubt that the bars drop when held in a certain way, even when held in the case of my former iPhone 3G. Yet, I’ve not had a dropped call, and given a severe veterinary emergency that happened over the 4th of July weekend, I’ve needed my iPhone more than ever recently. It has yet to fail me, although the dropped bars are a significant concern at this point.

That said, do any other iPhone 4 owners notice that calls are much clearer, volume is louder (the speaker is almost deafening when it rings), and aside from the bar display, the iPhone 4 outperforms at least the 3G in every way?

Friday will be interesting….


Interesting indeed.
Especially if Apple releases a patch that completely fixes the problem. After all the talk of multi billion dollar product recalls and permanent damage to Apple’s reputation, I wonder what the response will be from the yapping-classes if iOS4.01 makes it all go away.

I’d predict defining silence.

Lee Dronick

I wonder what the response will be from the yapping-classes if iOS4.01 makes it all go away.

I?d predict defining silence.

Got that right! Of course they will be obsessed with something else just as important such as Lindsay Lohan in jail

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