Apple to Host iPhone Media Event October 4

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True to the rumors, Apple will be hosting an iPhone-related media event on Tuesday, October 4. The event will be hosted at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters starting at 10AM pacific time.

iPhone media event

AllThingsD reported a few days ago that Apple would be hosting an iPhone 5 launch media event on October 4, although at the time Apple wasn’t publicly confirming anything had been scheduled. The new site followed up a few days later with an unconfirmed report that the event would be held in the Apple’s Town Hall auditorium instead of the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.

The invitations, according to The Loop, include the tagline “Let’s talk iPhone,” and include iCal, Clock, Maps and Phone icons.

Apple hasn’t elaborated on what will be discussed, but it’s a safe bet that we’ll earn more about iOS 5 and the next iPhone model.

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They are going to announce my wife’s birthday present: the new iPhone. smile


Thanks to Verizon giving us the ability to trade phone upgrade dates, My wife’s early birthday present will be my iPhone 4. My very early birthday present will be a new iPhone 5!!


Lee Dronick

My birthday is in early December, our anniversary is a week later, and then there is Christmas.


So does the “1” badge on the phone icon mean they’re only announcing one new phone, as opposed to the two that have been rumored?



No the “1” does not represent one new phone it actually represents 1 missed call, meaning they missed their usual summer iPhone update.

Actually that’s just my dum bass speculation smile


The Calendar is showing the 4th = the date of the event
The Clock is saying 10am = the time of the event
The Map is showing a location = the location of the Apple’s campus - the location of the event
The Phone is showing…?  A missed call?  One message? Let’s talk iPhone?


The “1” could represent:
a) We’re number 1” (the iPhone outselling all other smartphones)
b) “This is the 1 you’ve been waiting for”
c) The Holy Grail of Cell Phone “oneness”, the universal cell phone capable of being used by any network.
d) The address of the event (1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino)
or something else entirely!


or something else entirely!

I think it is in honor of the 1 Great One - Steve Jobs!!


I’m thinking it means “One new message” - i.e., one new thing to tell us about.

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