Apple to Open Dresden, Germany Store on March 31

Apple will be opening its brand new Altmarkt retail store in Dresden, Germany, on Thursday, March 31. The Altmarkt Galerie location marks Apple’s fifth store in the country.

Apple's Miami store doesn't look anything like its Dresden storeApple in Miami, which doesn’t look at all like Dresden

The Altmarkt Apple Store grand opening kicks off at 8AM local time this Thursday, and will stay open until 10PM. Friday will see extended hours, too, with the doors opening at 9:30AM and closing at 10PM. Late night shoppers can buy their tech gear at the store on Saturday through midnight.

Like Apple’s other retail locations, the Altmarkt store will carry Mac computers, iPhones, iPods and iPads, will sport a Genius Bar, offer free Wi-Fi, and more.

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