Apple Tops BusinessWeek Innovative Companies List

Apple managed to land in the top position yet again on BusinessWeek's annual list of the most innovative companies. This marks the fifth year Apple has earned the top honor.

Other company CEOs offered their take on Apple's position in the market, too. James A. Skinner, McDonald's CEO, commented "Apple moves faster than anyone in its industry, with the ability to innovate quickly and constantly. And if it finds success, it never stays satisfied."

"Apple brings out new, exciting products by combining excellent design, integrated offerings (hardware, software, and content), and strong marketing," added Intel Chairman Craig R. Barrett. "Apple continually demonstrates the ability to change market dynamics and gain significant market share with new-product offerings."

Apple was among big names at the top of the BusinessWeek list. Internet search giant Google came in second place, and Toyota Motor took the third place slot. Rounding out the top five slots were Microsoft and Nintendo.

Research In Motion, one of Apple's competitors in the smartphone market, took eighth place, chip maker Intel came in at number 33, and the popular social networking site Facebook was number 40.

BusinessWeek's annual list of the top 50 most innovative companies is only five years old, and Apple has managed to take the number one spot each year. Other companies are stepping up their game, so Apple will have to continue staying a step ahead of its competition if intends to take the top spot again next year.