Apple Tops PC Reliability List

Apple and Asus topped Rescuecom's list of most reliable computer vendors for the second quarter of 2009 in the United States on Tuesday. The company based its findings on 11,560 support calls it handled during the quarter.

According to Rescuecom, both Apple and Asus handled fewer support calls for their computers, and used higher quality components in their products. The firm also said that consumers required fewer third-party repairs on their Apple and Asus computers compared to other PC makers.

Apple's Genius Bar played a role in helping land Apple at the top of the survey. Rescuecom CEO David Millman commented that thanks to the Genius Bar, "[Apple is] offering support that many other manufacturers aren't offering."

Apple also beat out its PC competition to take the top spot in the American Customers Satisfaction Index this week. Apple scored 84 out of 100, and Dell came in second with a score of 75. The spread between Apple and Dell was called "one of the largest gaps between first and second place for any industry."

[Thanks to Macworld for the heads up.]