Apple TV May not Rebrand to iTV

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Following several days of rumors claiming Apple plans to rebrand Apple TV as iTV, Macworld Australia is saying that’s not the case. The publication said its sources say the home entertainment appliance will keep its Apple TV name, but will get a new product code.

The new product code, USA MC572 LL/A, is a good indicator that Apple TV will be updated. The rumor mill has been claiming the next Apple TV model would drop Mac OS X in favor of iOS, and would be redesigned into a substantially smaller form factor.

Apple will be hosting a media event at 10Am pacific time on Wednesday where the company is expected to unveil its new Apple TV model. Macworld Australia’s sources went on to say that the updated Apple TV won’t ship immediately, and added that Apple will be introducing the fourth generation iPod touch, too.

Since Apple hasn’t officially announced any new products yet, any leaked information about what the company has in store for today’s media event should be treated as rumors.

Be sure to check in with The Mac Observer later this morning for our event coverage.

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I never did believe this one. iTV v ITV was just legal legal hassle they don’t need to open up.


Yep. From everything that’s beet written, it doesn’t sound like the folks at ITV were going to be big on sharing the name, unlike Cisco with the ‘iPhone’ trademark.


It made for good media speculation and buzz.

So it did it’s job.


What I’m more interested in knowing is, if in fact Apple moves to iOS for future Apple TV OS’s, whether the older Apple TV hardware will also be supported. Apple is known for developing the OS to be just a compile away from supporting more than one chip architecture after all.


Yeah. I have an old 40GB AppleTV, and I’m really hoping that if there is a new variety of iOS for the AppleTV, that it’s something that’ll work on mine. I seriously doubt it will, though. Like you said, Apple probably won’t port it to the Intel CPU.

Hmmm… If they miraculously do port it to the Intel hardware, that opens up a world of possibilities. The current AppleTV is really just a specialized Mac. If they could put an iOS app layer running on Mac OS X (it would probably require a trackpad), and they announce new iApps made for large screens, that would really be awesome.

I really do promote pipe-dreams, don’t I? : )


OK so after seeing the device and looking at the features I started to wonder.  Why does my Cable box have to be literally 30 times bigger than the Apple TV and cost me $180 per year to rent? 

I hope this device starts the break up of the current cable system that always appears to be 10 years behind.  The graphics they use in their systems today could easily be from the 90s…or Google’s website.

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