Apple TV: Reset from the Couch

Apple TV is a pretty cool device because it lets you view the movies, shows and podcasts in your iTunes Library as well as listen to music from the comfort of your couch instead of in front of your computer. If your Apple TV stops responding and your TV screen goes black, however, it's not so handy. Luckily, you can reset your Apple TV without moving from your favorite TV-watching position.

Press and hold these buttons to reset your Apple TV

To reset your Apple TV with your Apple Remote, press and hold the Menu and the Menu down buttons for about six seconds. Go ahead and release the buttons when you see an amber light on the front of your Apple TV.

In most cases your Apple TV will respond to the Apple Remote's reset command as reboot itself. If it doesn't, you'll have to get up from the couch and unplug the Apple TV's power cord to force a reset -- which isn't always a bad thing because that also gives you an excuse to head back to the kitchen for more snacks.