Apple TV Update Addresses Resolution Bug

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Apple released Apple TV 4.1.1 for the second generation Apple TV on Tuesday to address what the company called issues that caused high definition TVs to incorrectly display at 480p. The update also fixed a bug that could cause movies and TV shows to re-download.

Apple’s second generation Apple TV

The release notes for Apple TV 4.1.1 are surprisingly short and don’t say whether or not there are any other changes in the update.

Apple TV owners that don’t want to wait for their device’s regular update cycle can install the fixes right away by choosing Settings > General > Update Software on their Apple TV.

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My guess is that Apple will be putting out more and more of these short and simple updates now that they have added over-the-air updating to iOS. Right now it’s only on the ?TV version of iOS, but I’m sure that it’s just Apple’s trial before they begin rolling out OTA update capability to all other iOS devices. Especially since their competition (android) is already capable of this.

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