Apple TVs Deliver an Early Surprise


Apple TV

During Apple’s March 7th keynote, the company announced an update to its Apple TV, with a shipping date of March 16th, the same day the new iPad also ships. Nine days didn’t seem like too long to wait, but many people have reported receiving their new device today, March 15th, one day early.


The new Apple TV has but a few upgrades over the previous model—a faster chip and 1080p capability is what sets it apart. The user interface changes are software-based and are included in an upgrade for the previous generation.

Many of those that ordered the new Apple TV, whether they ordered it by itself or if they had also ordered a new iPad, were pleasantly surprised when it was delivered to them a day early. Only Apple TVs arrived early, however; Apple’s new iPad did not appear to slip out of the gate early, even if they were on the same order as some of the Apple TVs.

At least one courier commented on the large pile of packages due for delivery tomorrow. Perhaps the early offloading of the Apple TVs was an effort to clear the decks for the main event on Friday.