Apple & Twitter Work Out Deal for Ping Integration

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Apple and Twitter have apparently worked out a deal for integrating Apple’s Ping music social networking service and Twitter. Users of both services can now tie their Ping account to Twitter so that when they like Post, Like, Review, or purchase music, it will be posted to Twitter.

Furthermore, if one of your Twitter followers click on a Tweet that was sent from Ping, they will see the album or song’s information in the details pane (when using Twitter’s site or a client that offers the details pane). In the screenshot below, you can see that I’ve “Liked” Cibo Matto’s awesome Stereotype A album, with the album cover and track listing in the details pane.

To tie in your Twitter account, you simply need to Edit My Profile in Ping. At the bottom of that page is a place for you to “Connect” to Twitter. Click that button, enter your user name and password, and you’re set (you’ll also be a shown any of the people on Twitter that you follow who also use Ping in case you want to follow them there, too).

We say “apparently worked out a deal,” because Apple didn’t bother to announce it. Fortunately, Twitter did. In a blog post, the company said, “Starting today Ping, iTunes’ new social network for music, and Twitter are making it even easier for people to share music discoveries with their friends by putting Ping activity, song previews and links to purchase and download music from the iTunes Store right in their Tweets on”

Twitter Ping Integration

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This is progress, but not really what I wanted. I just want the part where it lets me easily find my Twitter followers/followees on Ping so I can follow them there too; I most certainly do not want Ping posting anything to my Twitter account automatically.


Wow. I might actually use Ping now, this was what was missing for me.

Bryan Chaffin

I understand ilikeimac’s hesitation, but I’m with Jamie: This makes Ping much more useful to me.

This is a huge leap forward in Ping’s value proposition and ongoing viability.

John Martellaro

Twitter gives Ping a Holiday Tweet!

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Mix in a URL shortener Apple!

Bryan Chaffin

Agreed, Brad. That needs to happen. Sooner, rather than later. smile

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Do you think they get the social media stuff or does this just feel like an experiment? I’m not using iTunes much any longer, so it’s tough to evaluate firsthand.

Bryan Chaffin

I think Apple gets the importance of social media, whether nor the execs give a crap about it themselves.

To me, Ping offers the most value as an add-on to other social media services, specifically Twitter and Facebook. Who knows what is really going on between Facebook and Apple concerning Ping, but integration with Twitter is an important step forward (as noted above).

I think Ping should be opened up as an API for more development, too. I’d love to see profiles put together from your Ping Likes and purchases, for instance, and to be able to catch up on Ping in a standalone app.




Whether or not Apple can allow that to happen, however, remains to be seen.


I linked my Ping account to Twitter and found that there is a checkbox you can turn off so your Ping activity isn’t tweeted, so I’m satisfied.


It seems to me that all these improvements are so insignificant that it is no sense to speak on this theme. But there is one thing that can chock up to pay attention to it ‘cause all this means that Apple continues its integration into Internet.

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