Apple Unveils AA Battery Charger

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Apple rounded out its Tuesday morning product launches with its own battery charger. The Apple Battery Charger is targeted at the company’s wireless keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad users, but is compatible with most other products that rely on AA batteries.

Apple Battery Charger Kit

The Apple Battery Charger kit includes six high-performance AA NiMH battery designed to last up to 10 years before wearing out, and a wall socket charger designed specifically for Apple’s rechargeable batteries.

Apple’s Battery Charger kit is priced at US$29.

[Thanks to TMO reader MattJanssen for the heads up]

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Lee Dronick

I have several AA/AAA battery chargers. Often I get a better deal with a charger and battery combination than just buying batteries alone.


I wouldn’t know… is that a reasonable price?

Lee Dronick

I wouldn?t know? is that a reasonable price?

I have seen 4 bay AA chargers bundled with 4 batteries for a low as $8, but usually $12-$19. Of course there are batteries and there are batteries, Apple may have some quality ones. Not to mention that the charger comes with 6 batteries.


$29 isn’t bad for 6 NiMH batts and a 4 socket charger, but two sockets?
It would be a reasonable price if the charger had 2 more sockets.  It would be more reasonable is the cells were the newer low self discharge type of NiMH cells.

I suspect it was made with 2 to make it portable, but who takes the charger with them?  Usually you just take a handful of freshly charged cells.

The only way this would be truly useful is for people who travel a lot with their computer/keyboard/mouse and need to recharge in their hotel room, etc.

Lee Dronick

Now this is interesting, it is a smart charger that uses less power once the batteries haven been charged. From the Apple website:

“The sleek, compact Apple Battery Charger is all about efficient charging. It’s optimized for Apple-supplied batteries, but it works with AA NiMH batteries from other companies, too. And with a feature that automatically reduces its power intake once your batteries are fully charged, the Apple Battery Charger is one of the most energy-efficient rechargeable battery solutions available.”

Lee Dronick

I suspect it was made with 2 to make it portable, but who takes the charger with them?? Usually you just take a handful of freshly charged cells.

Looks like the prongs fold into the charger which is nice for portability. As to actually taking it along, I guess it depends on where I am going and how long I am going to be there. Visit one of my sisters and I could use their battery charger, visit my mother and I need to bring the charger.


The question is whether its a rapid recharge or a slow one. I have two for my camera, and one is pretty large (bigger than this) but recharges 4 AAs in about an hour. The smaller travel one I have takes the better part of a night. If its this price and this size for the fast charge, then you got something!

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