Apple Unveils Apple TV with 1080p Support

| Apple TV

Along with iOS 5.1, Apple unveiled an updated Apple TV entertainment appliance on Wednesday that supports 1080p video. The announcement came during Apple’s special media event in San Francisco where the company is also introducing new iPad models.

The new Apple TV includes a redesigned user interface, offers easier access to third party content, and improved PhotoStream support.

The 1080p Apple TV will be available in a week and will cost US$99.

Apple’s media event is still underway, so be sure to check back with The Mac Observer for additional product announcements, and be sure to follow along with our live on-location coverage, too.

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Well, considering I was thinking of buying a third one for the TV in the basement, now I can get a new one for the living room and move that one downstairs.

Jonathan in PA

Darn!  I just bought an AppleTV last month.


I sold my 1st gen AppleTV a couple months ago and have been meaning to buy a 2nd gen replacement for my basement.  Once again, procrastination pays off!  While 1080p is not a big deal for my current setup, it does silence a small but vocal minority of critics.

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