Apple Unveils First iPad 2 Commercial

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Apple premiered its first iPad 2 commercial over the weekend about three weeks after the second generation multimedia tablet shipped. The “We Believe” ad focuses on using the iPad 2 to empower users instead of detailing hardware specifications.

“We Believe” offers quick views and close up shots of the iPad 2 being used for business tasks, family photo viewing, playing music, reviewing medical data, education, and more. The ad is also a departure from Apple’s recent faster-paced commercial style for the iPhone.

Apple’s “We Believe” ad is available at the company’s YouTube channel.


Lee Dronick

Who is doing the voice over? It sounds like Peter Coyote, but I am not sure.


It is Peter. He also did voiceovers on previous iPad commercials (found this on another website).

Apple also has the ad posted on their website and it looks much better,

Apple never (?) says their screen images are fake. Do they actually shoot a real iPad and not cut in the screen like everyone else does? If so, that’s amazing and really shows how good of a product it is.

Lee Dronick

It is Peter. He also did voiceovers on previous iPad commercials (found this on another website).

Thanks. He sounded a bit different, but I just realized that I first watched the ad on my iPad. Now I am on my MacBook Pro, with better speakers, and can clearly tell that it is him.

Daryl K

Wow is that a lame commercial or what?  Show some quick flashes of apps with pretty colors.  FAIL!

See why [my spam link got deleted by Bryan…oh, wait, you can’t see it because I’m a troll whose link was deleted, but whose post was left so that all could see my embarrassment.]

Lee Dronick

Don’t feed the troll


Don?t feed the troll

I just wonder why they’re here at all if they hate Apple products so much ?
(Reading MacObserver isn’t mandatory is it ?)

I could suggest that they’re all just sad or deprived but I mostly think Whisky Tango Foxtrot!

Lee Dronick

Reading MacObserver isn?t mandatory is it ?

It is for me smile

Seriously do they think that they are going to change my mind with such statements?

Oh well back to the grind, both the task at hand and this excellent cup of Mayan coffee.


Getting back to the video, I like what I see, especially the advanced applications. I have OsiriX running on my Mac and use it to monitor the CT scans my wife has been getting on a regular basis to track a lung growth. Having it on an iPad to show the patient is very convenient and a whole lot less intrusive than bringing in a large computer or even a laptop. This isn’t a toy application. The same with the EKG application (my wife was an EKG technician so I know why this is important). I really like the letter tracing exercise. Yes, you can do this with paper and a crayon but using an iPad is less messy and gives the parent and/or teacher a wealth of training exercises all in one place. (My wife is a teacher and so are most of my brothers and sister-in-laws.) Again, this isn’t a toy application it’s another tool teachers can use. For those who have limited understanding of what all of this means (Darly), you should have been paying more attention in school.


Seriously do they think that they are going to change my mind with such statements?

It is a strange mentality. Kinda pathetic because they are just looking for replies, someone to get mad and scream “no you’re wrong”.

IMO the best option is to just ignore them the way you’d ignore someone else’s child throwing a tantrum.

As far as the ad, I like it. It’s a perfect first commercial, lots of teasing, few details. In the coming weeks I’d expect more ads with more hard facts.

Lee Dronick

As far as the ad, I like it. It?s a perfect first commercial, lots of teasing, few details. In the coming weeks I?d expect more ads with more hard facts.

I like how it says that “technology alone is not enough…when technology gets out of the way everything becomes delightful.” It isn’t so much the specs, but the clear road that the technology has paved.


Did a search for non Apple tablets over the weekend - hey, when you’re bored you do silly things. Can’t find any. Reference to the Gloom and Samsung Tiny but that’s about it. Tis been a year? When will the plethora of Android infusions begin? Waiting. . . . waiting . . . still waiting.

Let the shipping begin. . . . all droid intros being sung to “I’ve bin working on the railroad” or “I’m so pretty”. But at least DK (dumm kopf) gave me a new site to enjoy, sung to the tune, “Roll Out the Barrel” which is full of gardens, happy faces blooming there, rockin with music and dancing (why the empty spaces & why the returned products) sweet romancing, swinging, cares thrown away, big surprises, a barrel of fun with good cheer. But then, why am I still waiting? . . . waitin’.



Great commercial. It showed a technique in iPhoto that I did not know about. Finger / thumb opens and closes events. Very cool visual

Vern Seward

I’m liking this direction Apple is taking. By emphasizing the package, not the specs, Apple sets its products outside, if not beyond others, and it keeps the competition off balance. What do they chase if not the specs?

It’s hard to create an ecosystem as elaborate as Apple’s. Apple knows it, and it’s their trump card. It’s about time they played it.


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