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Apple has unveiled the details of the Snow Leopard Up-To-Date program that allows people who buy a Mac before Snow Leopard is released to upgrade to the new OS at a minimal cost. The company has released a detailed list of which Macs qualify for the program, a US$9.95 price for upgrading, and instructions on how to actually use the program.

Qualifying customers are those who buy a (qualifying) new or refurbished Mac (see the list for details) on or after June 8th, 2009, the day that Apple announced Snow Leopard's shipping time frame of September, 2009. These customers can upgrade to Snow Leopard, or Mac OS X 10.6, for $9.95.

This protection extends to customers who buy a qualifying Mac without Snow Leopard through December 26th, 2009, to cover existing channel inventory.

To take advantage of the program, qualifying customers need to fill out an online form, or download the form to fill it out by hand and mail or fax it to Apple.

Snow Leopard's retail price will be $129, but Apple has already said that Leopard users can upgrade for only $29. The Up-To-Date program is intended to encourage people to not wait for Snow Leopard's release to buy a new Mac by protecting their purchase.

Snow Leopard

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Who says Apple isn’t cost conscious?  This deal also covers refurbished units.  If ever there was a time to get off the fence and buy a Mac it is now.  I would suggest that first time buyers look at the entry level models.  In the event that you find $9.95 too much to pay for an upgrade, you still will have Leopard.

I hope that Apple throws in iWork and iLife as part of the deal.  That would be an unbeatable combo.

Way to go Apple.


I hope that Apple throws in iWork and iLife as part of the deal.  That would be an unbeatable combo.

If you just bought a new Mac you already have the most recent version of iLife, so what’s the point?  This included refurbs, I bought a refurb iMac (2007) in 2009 and it came with iLife 09.


Good for you ziploc.  My point is simply that the bundled deal is the best one.  I bought my iMac iver a year ago and i came with ‘08 versions of both software.  I didn’t know if that was the norm or not.

I apologize for not being as smart about all things Mac as you are.

Have a great day.


vince7: Two comments and already annoying.  Your
touchiness with ziploc aside, your statement over “$9.95 being too much to pay” defies logic.  Buying a thousand-odd dollar machine but not willing to pay another ten bucks…yeah, that should describe buyers.  And then you want Apple to throw in iLife and iWork for free on top of that?  Oh, and you would suggest that “first-time buyers look at entry-level models”?  Wow, really?  I hope someone lets Apple’s marketing team in on this incredible insight, in case they’ve missed out on that angle…there’s a whole market just waiting to be cracked wide open.  Not to mention doing a service to all the “first-time buyers” themselves…it probably wouldn’t occur to any
of them to look at anything but the high end.

Basically I don’t think a single thing you posted (least of all that catty response to ziploc, which was uncalled for) added anything of value whatsoever.  But, YOU be sure and have a simply awe-inspiring, toe-tingling day!


Are you related to ziploc?  Both of you missed the thrust of my comments.  Anyway I don’t have time for catty females.  You two win.

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