Apple Updates Bumpers for Verizon iPhone

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Apple has apparently worked around the problem of needing two versions of its Bumper case with the pending launch of the iPhone 4 on Verizon’s network by creating a universal Bumper. The new Bumper case includes a larger switch slot that accommodates the slightly different positions of the mute switch on the two iPhone 4 models, according to Engadget.

iPhone Bumpers Go Universal

The iPhone 4 model Apple shipped months ago for GSM-based networks like AT&T, O2 and Orange, uses a different antenna configuration than the new CDMA-based model that will sell for Verizon’s network. That change meant Apple needed to reposition the mute switch that sits just above the iPhone’s volume buttons, making the company’s current Bumper cases incompatible with the new model.

Redesigning the Bumper’s mute switch slot means Apple won’t have to stock two case versions, and it also means customers won’t have to worry about accidentally grabbing the wrong model off store shelves.

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Lee Dronick

Good thing that you don’t need a pin spanner to install the bumpers.


I wonder if the Verizon iPhone will have the same antenna “issues” reported with the AT&T iPhone, due to the different antenna design?


pin spanner

What’s a pin spanner Sir Harry ?

Lee Dronick

What?s a pin spanner Sir Harry ?

Probably then next type of screw head to be used on an iPhone smile

A type of tamper proof, well resistant, screw. It has two holes instead of a slot/kerf or cruciform. See this description of screw types and scroll down to spanner. That is a good page to learn about the various types of screw heads.


Good one, Sir Harry.  I really don’t understand why they do this.  If/when I am ready to open an iPhone, I will go out and order the correct driver to open it.  Anyone who wants to open it will find a way to do it.  Apple cannot stop it from happening unless they weld it shut!!  Or overmold it!!

Lee Dronick

Apple cannot stop it from happening unless they weld it shut!!? Or overmold it!!

The power brick for my Apple IIc was sealed with adhesive, but there were was a fuse in there. I took a putty knife and worked around the seam until the case came apart. Replaced the fuse and resealed the case.

What is next for tamper proofing the iPhone? Apple’s techs need to get get in there relatively easily; A coded magnetic locking system? Either that or they just hand you a new/refurbished one at the Genius Bar.

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