Apple Updates Firmware for Thunderbolt Display

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Apple has released an update for the firmware governing the company’s Thunderbolt Display, the company’s Thunderbolt-enabled successor to its Cinema Display line. The patch notes for Thunderbolt Display Firmware version 1.0 are vague, saying only that the firmware patch, “improves the stability of the Apple Thunderbolt Display.”

Thunderbolt Display

Thunderbolt Display

The company also noted that the, “updater application will be installed in the Utilities folder inside the Application folder and will be launched automatically when you close this installer.”

If you have a Mac equipped with Thunderbolt, you’ll find the firmware update in Software Update. You can also download a standalone installer from Apple’s support site as a 923K download.

Apple released a separate firmware update for Snow Leopard users.

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Received my Thunderbolt display yesterday.  First time, the display was a bit unsteady, ethernet would cut out as well.  It raised my eyebrow quite a few times with the problems I was experiencing in the first few minutes of use.

Out of curiosity, I checked for updates, and lo-and-behold, a firmware update was available.

After using it for 10 minutes right out of the box, I updated the firmware, and all the issues I had resolved themselves.

I’m loving my TB display.  It’s connected to my six-week old MBA in my office and it is such a relief to use the hard-line ethernet connection.  The WiFi, while perfect for mobile use, was cramping my productivity as I transfer large files back and forth.  Such a relief to use a big display again.

Kudos to Apple for making such a great product!

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