Apple Updates iPhoto to Version 8.1.2 with iPad Support, Syncing Improvements

Apple updated iPhoto ‘09 to version 8.1.2 Tuesday, an update that adds iPad support and offers syncing improvements. The update is a 13.6MB download through Software Update in Snow Leopard.

Apple’s patch notes:

  • Import
    • Resolves an issue that could sometimes cause iPhoto to quit unexpectedly when connecting an iPhone 3GS.
    • Resolves an issue that prevented an Event thumbnail from being created when an import included only video clips.
  • iPod nano Support
    • Displays the iPod icon for iPod nano (5th Generation) correctly in the Source list.
  • Syncing
    • Resolves an issue that prevented syncing photos to iPhone, iPod, or AppleTV if a slideshow in the library used a song containing an ampersand (&) in the filename.
  • iPad Compatibility
    • Enables support for importing photos from iPad to your iPhoto library, as well as syncing photos to iPad.