Apple Updates iWork with Lion Compatibility

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Apple released iWork Update 6 on Wednesday to add OS X Lion compatibility to its suite of productivity applications for the Mac. Lion was released earlier this morning as a downloadable upgrade through the Mac App Store.

Apple's iWork suiteApple’s iWork Suite

The iWork suite includes Keynote for presentations, the Numbers spreadsheet application, and Pages for document design and layout.

The update added support for Lion’s Full Screen, Resume, Auto Save and Versions features.

iWork Update 6 is available as a free download via Apple’s Software Update application and requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher and iWork 9.0 or higher.


Lee Dronick

Jeff do you know if iWork ‘08 is compatible with Lion?

I better check on Office 2011 and Adobe CS4 too. I use Numbers and InDesign, but my wife is an Affice Officiando.


Office 2008 and Office 2011 should be okay with Lion. 2004 is right out.

Lee Dronick

From what I read Office 2011 works fine with Lion, but older versions do not. I have not yet found a definitive answer as to CS4. Anyway, I am practicing a lot of self restraint and not downloading and installing Lion until the dust clears.


It is my understanding the Office 2008 will work, but the installer for 2008 will not. So. you would have to have it installed prior to upgrade.


iWork 08 seems to be compatible.

Lee Dronick

iWork 08 seems to be compatible.


Also from what I am reading CS4 is mostly compatible. I would rather wait for CS6 than go to CS5.5

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