Apple Updates Printer Drivers for Samsung, HP, FujiXerox

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Generic PrinterApple released updated printer drivers for Samsung, HP, and FujiXerox on Wednesday. The patch notes are sparse, if we’re being generous, but the gist is that the updates update your printer drivers, for what that’s worth.

To wit:

You can download the updates from the links above. Some users may see them in Software Update (pre-Mountain Lion), or in the Mac App Store under updates if you have a matching printer.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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This is great news as my brand-new, 2-day old HP color laser printer does not yet have full OSX 10.8 printing / scanning support.

However, the page that the link points to has the drivers listed as April 26,  2012.  Am I missing something?

Bryan Chaffin

They were released on Wednesday, sflocal. An educated guess is that they were approved back in April, but are just now being released for some reason or another.

I hope you get your printer working!

Stephan Jobes

Our printer Samsung drivers were not included in this release from Apple.  We’re so good at copy-catting other’s products, we merely copied drivers from other companies; as usual.” ~ Stephan Jobes

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