Apple Updates Remote Desktop Client & Admin

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Apple updated Apple Remote Desktop Wednesday, both the client and admin versions. The patch notes don’t list anything specific other than the vague, “[this update] addresses several issues related to overall reliability, usability and compatibility.”

The client is showing up as an update through Software Update (on Snow Leopard) as version 3.5.1. The patch notes include a link to a KnowledgeBase article for the update that currently resolves to a 404 error page.

Apple’s Downloads site also lists version 3.5 for Apple Remote Desktop 3.5 Admin (25.27MB download), as well as version 3.5 of Apple Remote Desktop Dashboard Widget (758K download).

The client version (3.5.1) was downloadable through Software Update but isn’t otherwise mentioned as of this writing on the Download site.

Apple Remote Desktop



So can one now use Remote Desktop from an iPad?

If not now, when?


Purchase NetPortal from the app store. It’s $3.00 and it’s a really great VNC client that will even auto discover the Macs on your network.

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