Apple Updates Xsan 2.2 with 64-Bit Support, New Features, More

Apple updated its Xsan software to version 2.2 for Leopard and Snow Leopard on Monday. The update includes support for 64-bit hardware (for Snow Leopard only), new features, improved performance, and a security patch. Xsan is Apple's solution for Storage Area Network, a technology that allows Macs or Mac OS X Servers on a network to read and write to storage attached to a Fibre Channel network at the same time.

The software is being released in four different packages, including:

According to Apple:

What's new in Xsan 2.2

Xsan 2.2 Filesystem Update

The Xsan 2.2 Filesystem Update improves filesystem performance and reliability and is recommended for all Intel-based Xsan systems running Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server version 10.5.8 or later. It also includes:

  • 64-bit support on Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server v10.6.
  • Support for native extended attributes. In order to enable extended attributes, all clients on the SAN must be running Xsan 2.2 or later. When enabled, attributes associated with a file are stored inside the file itself rather than in separate hidden files.
  • Improved volume reliability during metadata controller failover.
  • The ability to enable filesystem search without file content search. For details, see this article.
  • Support for renaming a volume without reinitializing it.
  • Improved repair capabilities for the cvfsck command.
  • More reliable file Access Control Lists (ACLs) in deployments using Active Directory.
  • Quicker Spotlight recovery after failover, when metadata controllers use Mac OS X Server v10.6.

Xsan 2.2 Admin Update

The Xsan 2.2 Admin Update includes general improvements for remotely administering, configuring and maintaining Xsan deployments, and includes specific fixes for:

  • Binding to Open Directory in SAN Setup Assistant.
  • Changing a computer between client and metadata controller roles.
  • Reliably listing computers connected to the SAN and adding computers to the list.
  • Resizing the inspector window.
  • Using SI units (1 GB = 1000 MB) for volume, LUN, storage pool, affinity and quota size reporting.
  • Displaying a status warning if Open Directory search policy is incorrect on a client or controller.
  • Displaying a status warning if a client or controller cannot see all the LUNs in volume.
  • Displaying a status warning if the controller list (fsnameservers) is incorrect on a client. (Also requires Xsan 2.2 on client.)

The security patch in the update deals with an issue that, when screensharing, could allow another user to see the user's name and password through an error dialog box. As of this writing, Apple has not yet added this specific security patch note on its security update Web page.