Apple Upgrades Warner Bros. iTunes Movies to 1080p

Apple’s new Apple TV gained a large amount of additional 1080p iTunes content this weekend in the form of Warner Bros. films, Xverse10 noted Friday. Many of the studio’s hit titles, such as the rebooted Batman franchise, Harry Potter saga, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy are now available for purchase and download through iTunes in 1080p.

Warner Bros. 1080p iTunes ContentWarner Bros. 1080p iTunes Content Now Available (The Dark Knight, Warner Bros. Pictures 2008).

Although Warner Bros. was an inaugural partner of Apple’s new HD Movie iCloud service for the Apple TV, the studio had not until this weekend offered much 1080p content. Now, third generation Apple TV owners and iTunes users with sufficiently powerful computers can download and playback the studio’s films in 1080p.

Warner Bros. joins Paramount, Sony, Disney, and Lions Gate, all of which have offered at least selections of their catalogues in 1080p. Universal and Fox, who spent much of this year wrangling with content licensing agreements, still have limited content on the Apple entertainment platform, most of it in standard definition.