Apple v. Samsung Injunction Hearing Set for September 20th

A federal judge has set a date of September 20th for an injunction hearing in the aftermath of Apple’s sweeping victory in its epic patent battle against convicted infringer Samsung. The date is less than one month away from the jury’s verdict in the trial, which was handed down earlier on Friday.

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Apple wants Judge Lucy Koh to ban the import of several Samsung devices that were found to infringe on several design and utility patents owned by the Cupertino, CA company. Samsung was found to have willfully infringed, and according to The Verge, Apple used that portion of the verdict to ask the judge to convene the hearing as quickly as possible.

Judge Koh told the attorneys that she wished to give Samsung the “maximum time” her schedule allowed, but it turns out this isn’t all that long. Apple’s attorneys will have until August 29th to file their documents for the hearing, and that Samsung would then have 14 days to respond. Apple will then have two days to draft its own response, and the hearing itself will take place on September 20th.

She also gave both parties page limits for their respective filings, continuing her strict rules for the case that has limited both parties time in court, the number of claims they were allowed to make, and at one point even a demand that attorneys provide specific documentation rather than oral arguments because she didn’t trust the lot of them.

Samsung has already vowed to appeal the case, promising that, “This is not the final word on the case.” The appeals process could well linger on for months or years, but barring direct interference from an appellate court, Apple is likely to be granted an import ban on at least some of Samsung’s infringing products.

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