Apple v. Samsung Jury Reaches Verdict [UPDATED]

The jury in the epic patent battle between Apple and Samsung have reached a verdict, according to online reports, including The Verge. The actual verdict has not yet been released, but it will hit any moment now. We will post follow up coverage when we know more.

Image Credit: Shutterstock

With the jury returning a verdict this quickly, there’s a good chance either Apple or Samsung won’t be happy with the ruling because it’s likely to be very lopsided in favor on one of the two companies. It also looks like they jury’s quick verdict caught everyone by surprise since one of Apple’s attorneys arrived wearing a polo shirt instead of a suit.

Judge Koh has been reviewing the verdict before it’s officially released, and Apple and Samsung have both agreed to a 15 minute review period of their own after the reading is finished.

The jury was called back into the courtroom only moments ago. TMO will have more coverage as details emerge.