Apple v. Samsung Jury Reaches Verdict [UPDATED]

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The jury in the epic patent battle between Apple and Samsung have reached a verdict, according to online reports, including The Verge. The actual verdict has not yet been released, but it will hit any moment now. We will post follow up coverage when we know more.

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With the jury returning a verdict this quickly, there’s a good chance either Apple or Samsung won’t be happy with the ruling because it’s likely to be very lopsided in favor on one of the two companies. It also looks like they jury’s quick verdict caught everyone by surprise since one of Apple’s attorneys arrived wearing a polo shirt instead of a suit.

Judge Koh has been reviewing the verdict before it’s officially released, and Apple and Samsung have both agreed to a 15 minute review period of their own after the reading is finished.

The jury was called back into the courtroom only moments ago. TMO will have more coverage as details emerge.

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Lee Dronick

That was quick!



In a surprise move that caught everyone off-guard, the jury ruled in favor of RIM. smile



I posted that as a joke. However, on a related note, CNET ran with my previously-stated idea of how what smartphone jurors owned would affect their verdict. The most popular mobile phone amongst them is actually LG. A breakdown of the other tech they own, amongst other facts, can be seen here:



Then I won’t spoil the breaking news rolling in from Bloomberg West.

Some major utility and design decisions just announced (hint: Apple attorneys did well for Apple).


Apple may be in trouble after the S. Korean ruling!!


Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Cute with the thumbs, Bryan. Looking like a mixed bag for Apple. No dilution except on the 3G. Hmmmm. Gonna come down to the dollars.


CNN Money states plainly that Apple wins big, and is awarded over $1B by the jury. Essentially, all the Samsung’s claims were effectively denied.

The one finding getting attention is that of GUI infringement. More than one tweet suggesting that the biggest loser today was Google. True or not, we can expect to hear more about this one.

One striking thing about this jury trial was the speed with which the jury returned a verdict, despite the case complexity. One lawyer on an interview I was listening to just prior to the release of the verdict was that this indicated an almost emotional response that would favour one party substantially over the other. He was right.

This jury finding just deepens the apparent consensus public impression. Of course, Samsung will appeal, however it now has a mountain to climb.


CNN Money states plainly that Apple wins big, and is awarded over $1B by the jury.

Al Jazeera (incredibly fast on breaking news) reported the $1 Billion award as well. The New York Times later had a more exact, “$1,051,855,000. And no cents, apparently.”

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