Apple Warns of Potential File Loss with Service Shutdown

Apple alerted users of its public beta Tuesday morning that the service will shut down on July 31, 2012, and that any documents they have stored on the service will no longer be available after that date. beta ends July was Apple’s public beta turned experiment in online document storage and syncing. The service never graduated from beta phase, and many of its features were eventually rolled into iCloud. With iCloud officially available,’s days were numbered.

Apple is advising users to sign in to their account and copy their files back to their computer ahead of July 31.

Apple first notified users on March 9 that the service was shutting down and suggested they migrate their files to iCloud. While iCloud does offer document syncing for Apple’s iWork apps, it doesn’t support collaborative commenting like

Users looking for more information about the demise of can check out Apple’s knowledge base article on the topic.