Apple Web Site Targeted in Database Hack

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An Apple online survey database was apparently compromised over the Independence Day holiday weekend in the U.S. by a hacker group calling itself Anonymous. The group posted a list online of 27 user names and encrypted passwords it culled from the Apple Business Intelligence Web site, then told the world about the list through Twitter.

The group stated on Twitter:

Not being so serious, but well: | #Apple could be target, too. But don’t worry, we are busy elsewhere. #AntiSec

Hackers crack Apple online databaseAnonymous has been hacking into government and business Web sites as part of its AntiSec operation, but seems to be focusing more on companies other than Apple. The group didn’t say how it managed to get ahold of the user names and passwords, although the assumption is that some sort of SQL database hack was used.

Apple has not commented on the incident.

[Thanks to Macworld for the heads up.]

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Lee Dronick

These guys are setting themselves up for a fall by making enemies of big money and government.


Yes, but I think they think they can fight back and keep hidden.  They act like they revel in their power since they throw around threats so readily.  Case in point, the message from this recent attack is just “Apple could be target, too”.

If/when they do get caught, will that stop other hackers from forming hacker groups and doing the same thing?  They’d have to be sufficiently afraid of being caught to outweigh desire for revenge / power / notoriety. Anonymous’s actions so far indicate that they would hit back as hard as they can if any one of their members were arrested (since their attacks usually have some stated purpose along the lines of revenge for actions they disagree with).  So they’d have to be deathly afraid and running for their lives in order to end their operations.

Lee Dronick

It has been reported that recently one President Obama’s websites got hacked.

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