Apple: White iPhone 4 Still Coming in Spring

Following rumors that the white iPhone 4 will be shipping soon, Apple confirmed that it is really on track for a spring release. After a ten month delay and reports that the white version of the combination iPod and smartphone would be shipping by the end of April, it seems the elusive model is finally close to hitting store shelves.

White iPhone 4: It's still coming, and this time Apple really means it.Apple says the white iPhone 4 really is coming soon

Even though Apple has confirmed that the white iPhone will ship this spring, the company wouldn’t say if it will be shipping models for both AT&T and Verizon, according to Bloomberg.

Apple had planned launch the white iPhone 4 along side the black model that’s currently available when the device first rolled out in June 2010. The white model, however, was delayed because of unexpected production problems.

Rumors and speculation pointed to the white coloring as the reason behind the delays with reports of discoloring, flaking, and light leak issues for the build-in cameras and flash.

Despite the company’s willingness to confirm it will be launching the white iPhone 4 soon, it didn’t offer any word on its update schedule for the iPhone 5. Apple typically releases new iPhones around the end of June, but the pending white iPhone rollout could be an indicator that the next hardware update may come later in the year.