Apple Wins Control of Domain

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Apple’s fight to take control of the domain name ended successfully with the original holder handing over control to Corporation Service Company. The Mac and iPhone maker had filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization in a effort to take the domain.

Corporation Service Company most likely served as an intermediary for Apple in the complaint process and is only temporarily holding the name.

Apple's WIPO complaint won it the iPhone domainApple’s WIPO complaint won it the iPhone domain

When news of Apple’s complaint surfaced it raised speculation that the company would continue with its current iPhone naming convention by calling the iPhone 4S successor the iPhone 5. Apple hasn’t, however, said what the next iPhone will be named, or when it may ship.

What’s more likely is that Apple was simply acting to protect its trademarks, just as it did in 2011 when it went after several domains with “iPhone” in their names.

[Thanks to The Next Web for the heads up.]

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It seems that Apple grabs up domain names that include the names of their products - or even possible future products, as a sort of ‘defensive’ measure. I.e., to prevent any ‘damage’ to the brand, that might result from anything un-Apple-like appearing on a web site using those domains.

This seems kind of childish to me. Unless such a web site were to try to represent itself as representing Apple, itself, then there should be no issue. Apple has received a lot of exposure from web sites/blogs that have promoted (or otherwise brought attention to) them and their products. If someone hosts an iPhone fan site at, then Apple should let it be. It could be a rallying point for the iPhone fan community. If such a website is hosted with the sole intent of defaming Apple, well then that could be solved with a libel lawsuit. (Not to mention that Apple fans would overrun such a site.)

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