Apple Wins iPhone Trademark

Apple was awarded a new trademark for its iPhone name in early February from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The trademark includes the Apple logo with the word "iPhone," and covers international use, too.

The new iPhone trademark covers International Classes 9, 28 and 38, which puts to rest questions of whether or not Apple would be able to score the iPhone name in Canada where Comwave already claimed ownership.

Comwave executives claimed in early 2007 that they would fight Apple's claim to the iPhone name in Canada. The company filed for its iPhone trademark after Apple, but claimed it had been shipping its iPhone product before Apple's device hit the market.

Despite the promise to defend its use of the iPhone name, Comwave reached a settlement with Apple in July 2008 where it agreed to phase out the use of the name. The terms of that agreement have not been disclosed.

[Thanks to Patently Apple for the heads up.]