Apple Wins Rezoning Approval for Second Cupertino Campus

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Apple finally won rezoning approval for the Cupertino location that could be part of a second company campus in the city. Apple purchased the location in 2006, and the company is currently using the existing buildings for employee office space.

Apple has been waiting eight months for city officials to approve the rezoning, according to the LA Daily News. The industrial location had previously been rezoned as residential for a townhouse and condominium project that fell through, but is now zoned as industrial and residential.

Once completed, the campus will cover about 50 acres, and will include a one acre area zoned as a public park.

There aren't any plans yet to build a second campus yet, but the rezoning opens the door for Apple to start working on ideas. "Right now, what we are trying to do is figure out what we have... from a planning perspective," said Apple representative Michael Foulkes.

The rezoned location is part of nine properties Apple purchased in 2006 in Cupertino across from the HP facility. At the time, Apple CEO Steve Jobs told city officials the company planned to build a facility that could hold between 3,000 and 5,000 employees.

"Our plan is to take down the existing buildings and put up more efficient structures," Mr. Jobs said.

Currently, Apple has employees in offices scattered across Cupertino because there isn't enough space available at its current campus. Adding a second campus would let the company bring those employees would create enough office space to consolidate employees in two campus locations instead of relying on rented offices around the Cupertino area.

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Jeff Gamet

Just because Apple says they don’t have plans yet to build a second Cupertino campus doesn’t mean they don’t really have plans in the works. It wouldn’t surprise me if Apple decides to start construction some time in 2010 so that it can start consolidating staff instead of scattering employees in buildings all over the city.

Lee Dronick

Where is this located in relationship to their main campus?


“Where is this located in relationship to their main campus?” If you know the area, it’s near the Vallco Sopping Center at the intersection of Wolfe Rd and Interstate 280. It’s actually really nice over there.

Lee Dronick

f you know the area, it?s near the Vallco Sopping Center at the intersection of Wolfe Rd and Interstate 280

That is not too far from 1 Infinite Loop.

Thanks for the info.


That is not too far from 1 Infinite Loop.

Nope it is less than a mile and is one exit away on 280.

Current Campus is at De Anza/280 next exit south is Wolf/280 and is the new campus location. Drive by there all the time. Great Dim Sum at the Shopping Center.


reat Dim Sum at the Shopping Center

I second that.


Maybe not any formal designs, but I should think that Apple already has a number of ideas for the space.  3 years allows a lot of planning.

The largest hurdle (besides the regulations, design, demolition, construction, etc) is the fact that a lot of the buildings are already filled with current Apple workers!  They’ll have to be moved out if Apple wants to build something larger there.

I’m guessing it’ll be a multi-stage development—tear down half to a third, while the rest stays in operation.  Finish, move people, start on the next part.  Let’s hope it happens before there are so many employees that Cupertino can’t contain all of them.

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