Apple Yanks Knock Off Games from App Store

Apple ruined one iOS developer’s day by pulling his titles from the App Store over claims that they were knock offs of popular games. Anton Sinelnikov’s long list of apps included titles like Angry Ninja Birds, Temple Jump, Numbers with Friends, and many more with names that are strikingly similar to other popular apps.

Apple pulls copycat apps from App StoreApple pulled Mr. Sinelnikov’s apps from the App Store after other developers complained that he was intentionally misleading customers with the app names, according to TechCrunch. The apps also mimicked features from their legit counterparts, although poorly in many cases.

Some of the popular apps Mr. Sinelnikov has been accused of ripping off include Angry Birds, Temple Run, Words with Friends, and Plants vs. Zombies.

Even though the focus is on Mr. Sinelnikov right now, there are other companies offering knock off apps, too. Atari recently filed a complaint with Apple to get apps pulled that copy its games, and the Guardian reported Spry Fox and 6waves are fighting in court over similarities in their Triple Town and Yeti Town games.

Apple hasn’t commented on whether or not it is taking a more proactive approach to pull copy cat titles from the App Store, or simply waiting for developers to point out the titles.