AppleCare+ Extended on Institutional Purchasing, Now Three Years of Coverage

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AppleCareAppleCare’s time frame has been extended by one year on purchases made from the institutional store, according to a tip reported by AppleInsider.

It used to be that AppleCare+ was a two-year extension of the warranty, but now it’s showing in the educational store as a three-year extension for the same US $99 price.

Keep in mind this is for institutional purchasing, or buying in bulk for classrooms full of students. This isn't the education store used to make personal purchases with an educational discount.

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This is good news for everyone. Educators feel better with another year of coverage on devices, so there’s a bit less worry handing out devices to students. And by deciding to purchase more iPads since they have longer warranties, Apple is continuing to keep hold of its 95 percent market share. Everybody wins!

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