Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts Promotion Wraps Up Today with The Rolling Stones

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12 Days of GiftsCES 2014 is just getting started but another special event is wrapping up. Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts promotion, which kicked off on December 26th, is on its final day. Available this year for the first time in the United States, the promotion offered a free app, book, song, or movie each day via the companion iOS application.

Although exciting for first-time U.S. participants, those in Europe and Canada who’ve experienced the promotion in previous years found this season’s offering to be slightly disappointing, according to our TMO Forum Poll. Arguably the best gift this year was Day 5’s offering of Hugo, Martin Scorsese’s well-regarded 2011 family film, which normally retails on iTunes for $15. Other, less compelling, entries this year included music from Justin Timberlake, Avicii, and the Kings of Leon; episodes of ABC’s Once Upon a Time and Sesame Street; books Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2014 and Diary of a Wimpy Kid; and apps Toca House, Mr. Crab, and Rayman Jungle Run.

Today’s final gift is the Rolling Stones’ Sweet Summer Sun, Live in Hyde Park 2013, a three-track single featuring Beast of Burden, Tumbling Dice, and Doom & Gloom.

So what’s the verdict, TMO readers? Share your thoughts on this year’s 12 Days of Gifts promotion in the comments!

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So Apple ends 12 days dud with a huge thud. Rolling Stones live ep would be exciting for my grandparents if they were using an iOS device. I have a hunch that the people using iOS are just a little younger…


The Stones is nice, of course I have a lot of Stones already. The other things I mostly skipped, not a lot of need for little kid’s books and games. The one thing I DID really like was Scanner Pro that they gave away for free last week. Oh wait, that was their App of the Week, not part of the 12 days. So while I appreciate the effort, it was not really targeted at me and my old fogy demographic.

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