Apple's $17,000 Smartwatch

When Apple announced pricing for its top of the line Apple Watch Edition during Monday's "Spring forward" media event, CEO Tim Cook said it started at US$10,000. Turns out you can push that number up to $17,000 depending on which model you buy without even adding in extra wrist bands.

Apple Watch Edition can cost you $17,000Apple Watch Edition can cost you $17,000

That $17,000 will get you an 18-Karat Rose Gold Apple Watch with a matching Rose Gray leather band and matching gold buckle. Like the Apple Watch Sport that starts at $349, the top of the line Edition model includes step tracking, heart rate sensors, wireless connectivity with your iPhone, support for third-party apps—in other words, the functionality in the most expensive and least expensive models is the same.

What you're getting for the extra money you spend is gold. Apple Watch Edition uses Apple's own gold alloy for its case, where the Apple Watch Sport uses aluminum. Gold definitely costs more, and that's pretty apparent when looking at the price difference between the Edition and Sport models.

If Apple Watch Edition is a little too rich for your blood, and the aluminum body on the Sport model isn't your thing, the Standard stainless steel Apple Watch starts at $549. If you want the stainless steel black model, however, that's going to set you back $1,049 because it's available in only one configuration.

For everyone that has plenty of cash to spend, however, $17,000 for the Rose Gold Apple Watch Edition will be ready and waiting when pre-orders start on April 10.