Apple’s Angela Ahrendts says Apple Watch Coming in Spring 2015

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Apple Senior Vice President of Retail Angela Ahrendts narrowed down the time frame for the Apple Watch launch: spring 2015, which is later than "early 2015" the company originally said. She shared that tidbit in a video message for retail employees.

Apple Watch to hit store shelves in Spring, not early 2015Apple Watch to hit store shelves in Spring, not early 2015

According to 9to5 Mac, she told retail employees,

We're going into the holidays, we'll go into Chinese New Year, and then we've got a new watch launch coming in the spring.

Apple unveiled Apple Watch during a special media event in September, saying at the time it would ship in early 2015. The smartwatch device includes sensors to track fitness activities and heart rate, links to your iPhone to display alerts and messages, shows turn-by-turn directions, and more.

Three models in two sizes with multiple band options will be available when Apple Watch ships starting at US$349.

Apple is already going to miss the holiday buying season, and now it looks as if Apple Watch won't make it onto store shelves until March at the earliest. With Apple Watch still a good four months out, the company will have to stay on top of its marketing game to keep consumer interest high.

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March is better than July, but not as good as February. It'll be interesting to see if Apple can keep the excitement around Apple Watch going long enough to push through with big sales.

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This gives them the better part of a year to get the product out, perhaps update the software a few times, and get influencers to so some marketing for them. Then hit the 2015 holiday season with demand.

Besides, this holiday will be filled with iPhone 6 purchases. (Which support the Apple Watch fully!) Why dilute your mind share? They already ship everything they make!


Was thinking the same thing.  Gets them a few months to fine tune the product, maybe introduce a few more variants then have a solid, trouble-free lineup for the holiday season.

Lee Dronick

Perfect “timing” as a Father’s Day gift.


Apple delays their new product releases because deep down they just love all the crap that goes along with the wait.

Oct 2014 - Apple Watch deemed an ‘epic fail’ because of its reduced reliance on touch screen technology and favors the digital crown. Haters continue to state what they hate about the Apple Watch, and why they won’t buy one.

Nov 2014 - ‘Competing’ smart-watchmakers dancing with joy that the upcoming holiday season will be Apple-free from a smart-watch perspective, and analysts predict that Apple will go bankrupt due to not having a smart-watch for the holiday season. Haters predict a fast sales start due to the ‘sheep’, but will die down quickly, and say why they won’t buy one.

Dec 2014 - Sales of competing watches are slow (or did they say smooth) due to people peeing themselves in anticipation waiting for Spring 2015. Haters wish Apple would just go back to focusing on Macs by releasing 3D printer drivers and other cool advanced stuff, not realizing that the products themselves are already cool and advanced.

Jan 2015 - People laugh at Apple for it continuing to work the fashion side of Apple Watch, and say why it will not replace existing watches. Competing smart-watchmakers and analysts say that holiday sales were slow due to the market just not being ready for upscale wearable technology. Haters say that the cpu and gpu in the Watch are woefully inadequate for real smart-watch functionality.

Feb 2015 - Rumors place Apple Watch release in March 2015. Lines start to form late February in front of Apple stores around the world. Samdung releases a commercial with people with gear watches dancing around those in line for Apple Watches, who watch with frowns on their faces, and wonder why they are waiting in line for an Apple Watch when the gear watches are already available. Haters say that a gold Watch is stupid, and why would anyone buy one. Analysts say that sapphire supply will be limited, so the entire project will fail.

Mar 2015 - Apple begins taking pre-orders for Apple Watch, and receives 5 million pre-orders in first weekend. Released a week later, opening weekend including pre-orders tops 8 million, and Apple can’t keep up with demand. Analysts predict failure due to supply constraints. Haters laugh at all the ‘sheep’ wasting their money on useless technology.

Apr 2015 - Analysts praise Apple for such a great product. AAPL continues to go up. Apple buys back more stock. Moron posts a video on the internet showing how weak the digital crown is by hitting it with a crow bar and recording how it just pops off. He is quickly ignored as he cashes his Samdung check. People young and old are loving their new Watches, and as they show others how great they are, those people buy iPhones and Watches, and Apple Pay continues to work great while protecting people’s credit cards. Haters are surprisingly quiet as they crawl back under their rocks, waiting for the next new Apple product to laugh at. All is good in the world.

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