Apple's Beats Streaming Music May Revive Ping

Ping, Apple's failed attempt at a social networking service, may be getting a revival of sorts in the new Beats streaming music service. Apple will reportedly use the feature as a way for artists to share tour dates, new songs, and more with fans, making it more of a promotional tool than a dead on arrival social networking platform.

'Apple to bring back some Ping features back with new streaming music service

Insider sources speaking with 9to5 Mac said artists will get their own page where they can promote themselves and other artists. Users will be able to interact with artists through iTunes, but won't have their own profiles.

When Apple relaunches Beats streaming music, it will likely be rebranded as Apple Music, too. The rebranding, along with promotional pages for artists, is part of Apple's strategy to set Beats apart from other streaming music services.

Apple hasn't officially confirmed it has a new streaming music on the way, but hints of what's to come are already showing up in the iOS 8.4 beta. Apple is expected to show off its new streaming music service during its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in June.