Apple's Black Friday Specials are On Even if You Don't See Them Yet

Apple will be offering Black Friday special pricing on several products at its retail and online stores, although shoppers in most areas aren't seeing the announcement yet. So far, the once a year sale event is getting some visibility on Apple's Australia store Web site, but isn't yet appearing in other regions.

Get ready for Apple's Black Friday dealsGet ready for Apple's Black Friday deals

Black Friday is the big shopping day after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday where retailers traditionally start generating their biggest profits of the year. For many shoppers, it's a day of chaos and pandemonium as they rush from store to store fighting crowds in hopes of finding great deals.

Apple isn't announcing yet what specials it will offer, but if previous years are any indication there will likely be discounts on several third party products and minimal discounts on Apple-branded products like iPods. The sale will run just on November 29 in Apple's physical stores and through the company's online store, too.

[Thanks to 9to5Mac for the heads up]