Apple’s Drop in iPad Market Share is a Natural Part of Tablet Evolution

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Part 2 - Some Customers Worth Pursuing


And so when we look at the Web usage statistics, it's not a great leap to see that the iPad customers are engaged, collaborative, experimental, confident, and trust that their iPads can be a reliable tool to get things done that they value. There is little fear that exploration and collaboration and experimentation will lead to a disastrous security betrayal. This is especially important in education and is likely why Apple has 95 percent of that market.

Back to the design process. So if Apple is successfully designing the iPad for creative, productive users in the enterprise and education, why would the company decide to change the design to appeal to anyone else in the marketplace? Customers who buy a tablet and don't use it in the way an iPad was ultimately designed to be used aren't worth pursuing by Apple.

I'm not saying that other companies don't try to build useful, secure tablets. I'm saying Apple makes highly useful tablets better than any other company. That has a market share impact.

Market Share Effects

Tim Cook said that when he looked at market share statistics for all tablets, he apparently found some oddball products [my interpretation]: there are a lot of things I personally wouldn't put in the same category as the iPad, that are weighing the share down. It's certainly a market we wouldn't play in, and it's the type of product you'd never see [with] an Apple brand."

In the end, if a competitor to Apple wants the widest possible adoption and market share, it has to appeal to a broad class of users. These users buy tablets, but the conclusion from the Web traffic statistics is that not much is being done with them. Yet, Apple gets lumped in with these other tablets, making the market share numbers look worse than they are.

However, if Apple's vision, as shown in the TV ads we've seen, is to cater to a different kind of user, then its market share is going to suffer more and more as the tablet becomes more of a mass market phenomenon.

In other words, is Apple failing to provide excellence to its own customers? It is not. Or is the mass exodus away from the PC and towards a cheap tablet simply causing a natural dilution effect?

It's something to ponder.

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