Apple to Samsung: If You Want to Copy Us, Think Environment

We’ve seen a lot of shots taken at Apple in advertising by the competition, and usually there’s not even an acknowledgement from Apple—until this morning, that is. Several people reported seeing a full-page ad from Apple in their local newspapers, as shown below in a tweet from @DavidMcClelland.

This appears to be the latest in a series of environmentally focused moves from Apple, starting with the new section of we saw yesterday as well as the tour given to Wired Magazine’s Steven Levy.

Note that Samsung isn't named specifically, but the long running feud between the two companies and Apple's accusation that Samsung copied Apple's inventions is well documented.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has also mentioned several times that his company's efforts to be more transparent about working conditions in its supply chain, as well as its many, many environmental initiatives, is one are that he hoped his competition would copy.

Well played, Apple. Well. Played.