Apple’s iAd Gets a New Boss in Europe

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Apple has apparently hired Paul Wright away from Omnicom Media Group to head up its iAd in-app advertising program in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Omnicom is known for its advertising and marketing programs and Mr. Wright has been the company's chief digital director.

iAd gets a new boss in EuropeiAd gets a new boss in Europe

News of Mr. Wright's new job comes courtesy of sources talking with The Drum. Apparently he will be tasked with ramping up iAd growth throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Prior to his time with Omnicom, he ran BskyB's business development division, and served on the Mobile Interactive Group advisory board.

Apple's iAd program so far hasn't lived up to expectations. The company started sales for ads that show up in iOS apps at US$1 million, but about a year later dropped the price to $500,000, and has since lowered the entry price again down to $100,000.

With the lackluster performance the iAd program has seen so far, coupled with the fact that it is limited to just Apple's iOS platform, Mr. Wright may have his work cut out for him.

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So apparently Apple hasn't forgotten about iAd. Good luck, Mr. Wright.

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Teri Galloway

I hope Mr. Wright turns out to be Mr. Right for Apple. iAd has been such a huge disappointment for Apple so far. Ever since Steve Jobs introduced iAd, we have definitely seen a lot of growth and innovation in mobile advertising—but mostly on the Android side of the aisle and certainly not with iAd. Millennial Media, Airpush, InMobi, TapJoy all blow iAd away in terms of general effectiveness, affordability, and creatively. iAd needs to either wake up and start innovating, or get out of the way of those that know how to. It’s an embarrassment right now.

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