Apple's iAd to Focus on iTunes Radio, Developing Bid Exchange for Apps

iTunes RadioApple senior vice president Eddy cue recently gave marching orders to his iAd team ordering them to focus on selling commercials for iTunes Radio. According to Adweek, the move comes as the company works on a real-time bid exchange (RTB) platform for selling in-app ads.

Citing multiple, unnamed sources, the magazine said that Apple's RTB system would automate the process of buying and selling in-app ads. It would represent a major departure from the high-end, big budget, hand-holding, and micromanaging approach Apple has had for iAd app adds, and it could dramatically lower the barrier to entry in that market.

More importantly, it will free up Apple's iAd team to sell inventory for iTunes Radio, and that's reportedly what Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue directed that team to focus on.

“The message that came across was basically if you’re not working on iTunes Radio, you’re irrelevant,” an unnamed source told Adweek.

Apple launched iTunes Radio in select markets this past fall, and the service has been met with a largely positive critical reception, and it seems to be a hit with fans. Mr. Cue's marching orders suggest Apple has big plans for the service while it works on expanding it into new markets.